Release Notes

June 23, 2020

What's New

  • Select a language in code blocks for better syntax highlighting: You can now specify the programming language for code blocks, so whether you use TypeScript, Swift or Go you'll have language-aware highlighting. For Web and Desktop

  • Add a border to images: Select an image in a document and choose “Show Border” in the inline menu to toggle a border around your images. For Desktop and Web

  • Hide comments: Sometimes you want to screen share a document and focus on the core content, without seeing the comment bubbles. Now, you can hide the comments in a document by toggling off View → Show Comments. This will only hide them for you—not others—and if a new comment is added, all comments will reappear. Comments will also remain visible in the conversation pane, as always. For Desktop and Web

  • Hyperlink text by pasting a URL onto it: Instantly add a link to text in a Quip document by selecting the text and pasting a URL onto it. For Desktop and Web

Versions: Web, Mac 7.13.3, Windows 7.13.2